and the main character of the day, as everyone remembered, BBB. so how? after 2 weeks of not seeing, how does he look like now? darker? fairer? slimmer? fatter? okay lah. xumige and i concluded that he’s botak-er and darker BUT, fatter! *laughs* okay, i know that is mean. but it wasn’t very expected you see..

well, half the clique because ah wu and ah chu had family matters; no blames. but for mr pzz…… i’ve nothing to say. hah. ANYWAYS, beng had got to appreciate us both for accompanying him man! i gave up my sleeps and projects for his sake! *laughs*

had lunch at this place again and serve that botak right for ordering 4 chillies after already being warned that it’ll be duper spicy. but it was damn amusing to see his face while eating. hahahah.. anyways, was listening to some of his whines but i kinda shut down because i really am too tired.

off to carrefour after that for his groceries-shopping. we girls bought some stuffs too but as you can see from the picture, he did most of the shopping lah.. spent quite a lot, i suppose.

oh yes, i refer to US. (:

and for appreciation, he treated us to donuts! heh, actually could have gotten better desserts from MOF or pretzels from auntie anne’s but i decided on donut factory because i kinda missed the donuts there. thanks beng anyways! (:

damn sinful though. look at all the chocolate! faints* but it was really heavenly delicious. muahahah.. ALRIGHTS, enough time spent blogging my weekends. it’s time to get back to my projects now, as a promise i made to myself.. till then, ciaos! (: