pretty skies, although not prettily captured, are still pretty, aren’t they? hahaha.. the same thing applies to me as well right? *blushes* hahaha.. ANYWAYS, it’s 4th week into school already and deadlines are drawer closer with each passing day.. how i wished all my assignments can be completed with a single wave of the magic wand. *sighs* on a lighter note, a date with darlings tomorrow! can’t wait.. (:

Due dates for assignments:

  • 12/08 – MR Group Assignment Part A
  • 18/08 – OB Individual Paper
  • 19/09 – DC Group Project
  • 22/09 – OB Group Project
  • 25/09 – MR Group Assignment Part B
  • 04/10 – BB Group Assignment

for my own reference and FYI (if you’re BBMKG sem 3 student). you know what is bad? the dates feel kinda far away; they seem to be giving me allowance to slack. hahahah..