midnight call from keith brings good news! *grins* now i owe someone a meal and owe another a slap. hahah, hopefully it’ll be worth it.. (:

anyways, a day off from school spells beach date with my darlings. rights, ignore the fat thighs but yay, am a little more roasted now. heh. my girls are damn cute lah. want to go sentosa but don’t wanna get tanned. BUT well, the one who least wanted to get darker got it. LOL

rights, we planned to meet at 8am (mad right?) but i think i only boarded the bus at the meeting time. HAHAH. the bus was like traveling at 10km/h which is why i reached only an hour later. SORRY BABES! but i suppose the above picture is taken while waiting for me..

all set & ready to hit the beach.

pretty clouds.

rights, this picture is pretty obscene hor? but for starters, we call this “blow-your-own-pillow”.. honestly, this is actually a poser pic. reason being: i already finished pumping my pillow when ah wu wanted to catch a shot. hahah..

working on my masterpiece.

tadah! actually i did it for my vivitar. always been wanting to bring it out to the beach for some sunny shots. but well, didn’t take much photos with it so i still have roughly 10 more shots to snap before i send it for developing. (:


sexy backs. hahahah. sorry fion but i can’t help laughing at the background difference. LOL. i’m like damn mean but my photoshop skills ain’t good enough to equalise the…… okay, i’ll stop here. *giggles*

sunny tuesday; one of my favourite shots, credits to ah wu’s LHP! (:

we abandoned our belongings after some time…

…and went over to the bridge to take somemore photos.

then, after some drinking competition, they abandoned me!

they went up to somewhere this high and left me all alone in that circle….

…happily taking photographs in my absence. ):

hahaha, i lost track of time while waiting for them to be back but i’m glad they didn’t forget me. *laughs* oh well, then we left at our stipulated time which is right before the noon sun comes killing us.

ah wu: “yee’s eyes are as thin as her brows!” HAHA thanks ah.. -.-“

almost traffic light. switch of colours but no greenie.

went over to queensway but didn’t manage to get the stuffs i want. over to ikea after that and i realised it’s been too long since i last went there! gosh, changed so much but didn’t have energy to explore already. OH ANYWAYS, ah wu got my green bottle! heh, now the three of us are using the same bottle, in different colours. LOVES! (: