rights, as the title suggests, met up with my secondary 1/2e6 classmates yesterday. i named it I because hopefully, there will be II, III, IV and so on.. *grins* anyways, decided on KTV @ chevrons, which is my 4th KTV session this month already.

met up at JEC for lunch first. can’t remember how long it has been since i last saw everyone who turned up yesterday. kelvin first, followed by botak jianhua in a beanie, then weihou who changed pretty much and weicun whom i almost couldn’t recognize. but well, actually after looking at them long enough, their faces didn’t change much. but one thing, for sure, ALL OF THEM GREW TALLER! *laughs*

leeched a ride on jianhua’s bike to chevrons after that despite the drizzle. because, to think of it, you’ll still get caught in the rain if you take the LONG walk from jurong to chevrons instead.. haha. anyways, i pretty much enjoyed the short ride because i missed being the pillion so much! haven’t had a chance to ride ever since daddy bought a car and refused to take me on his new bike. ):

some random shots taken there. it’s kinda interesting to hear everyone singing because it’s like the first time doing so after 7 years? and i declare that weihou is such a JAYster. he raps and he has the Jay’s muffled voice. lols.

the 2 out of 4 daz rings. me & ting’s, of course. i miss raisa & juliana!! anyways. we sang for, i think, 5 hours and then went off to IMM for dinner. lost track of time while sitting and chit-chatting away about the all the secondary 1 and 2 days, the memories, and the classic jokes. seriously, we’d have went on for even longer if the person didn’t chase us away for cleaning.

so yea, an impromptu decision to get down to west coast park to continue our chit-chats. had our suppers at Macs but i guess that was where the conversations died down. hahaha, like we broke into our own small groups to talk but eh, we did gossip about something (or rather, someone). HAHAH, okay, sheesh.

went over to the seaside after that for some tranquility.

stayed long enough to have the police patrol car passing us twice. anyways, i was already getting cranky from all the lack of sleeps and food by then. the sweet couple drove all of us home after that but i think was 3am when i reached home. shagged. but still, thanks zhili & junning for the ride. and the organisers, too, for organising this gathering! LOVES. look forward to the next.. (: