dedicated for the date: 080808

a beautiful date, but not a nice way to start my day. was like halfway in the 61 queue when i realised i left my ezlink card in the previous bag. had to change money with a stranger beside me so that i can have enough coins to travel to school. dumb right! but thanks charles for lending me his ezlink card and it settled my transportation for the day. (:

after projects and before lecture started, my group had this sudden craze to play with the photobooth on rene’s new macbook. it was DAMN hilarious i tell you. we were laughing like a bunch of mad girls outside the LT. probably the whole level one could hear us. HAHAHA.

rights, here’s one more pretty normal shot before we went crazy.

squeezed like one big family.

for starters….

isabel looks damn cute here. LOL

and yes, if you realised, althea’s the only one with her image NOT gone. *laughs*

this is my favourite shot on top of all the crazy ones. OH WELL, i realised that i was the odd one out only after the shot was saved. hahah, but anyways, there’re a hell lot more hilarious shots that i’m still laughing at right now. can’t really stop you see.. probably you’ll see them up in facebook after i finish filtering them. heh heh..

lecture was pretty alright. somehow, this lecturer always keeps her lectures short and sweet. the only thing i disliked is her walking up and down the LT. so yea, you have this constant fear that she’ll stop right in front and point her mic at you. YES, the thing i hate most: public speaking. hahahah.. oh, and we got our RMIT student cards like finally! erm, don’t know the use for it though..

the fat little cartoon boy on the lecturer’s lecture slides which i copied while the others were presenting answers to the discussion questions. seriously, by that time, my system has already shut down, automatically. hahahah..

met up with the clique after that. zz couldn’t turn up because of work. but anyways, the main purpose was to see the two botaks again. not so much of hearing them whine because somehow, they were talking on one side and i was talking on the other. i seriously don’t know why i always have so much to talk about with my girls.. and really, SO MUCH that i find myself feeling thirsty constantly. *laughs*

and yes, i successfully dragged althea along and back to our clique gathering! these are my favourite girls, and also the loyal supporters of yeetsehwee’s never-ending whines! *throws hugs and kisses at them* ((:

last but not least, a group photo with the two botaks. also presenting to you, a sweet lovely couple under the light. actually i thought all of us should be the ones that are damn bright instead. heh. in any case, i loved the day!