alrights, decided to give the commendation award ceremony a miss because of MR project. the last minute changes and all; thanks to the lecturer for giving us such vital information only one week before the due date.

oh yes, ever seen such lousy results? hahaha.. was quite surprised to see all these while packing through my secondary school test papers. *laughs* oh well. anyways, this month is going to be a real busy one. reports, essays, movienation, MnP gathering stayover and even more outings! now, let’s not say we students have no life huh..

on a side note, happy birthday gabriel! am i not proud to be the first person to give him a “present”? hahahah.. i gave him the link to it at 12am and it’s now sitting on his blog. heh, actually i just took out some time yesterday to mess up his photo because it’s MY way of de-stressing. (: