i guess the issue with the mio box is related to the welcoming of mio TV into my house today. it’s a pretty funny thing actually. just a week or 2 ago, some random singtel guy came into my house to promote this dumbass SuperSaver Pack. knowing i’m quite a TV freak, daddy asked for my opinion on it. the only answer i gave him was, “daddy, DON’T waste money please..” but well, the next thing i know, that promoter guy walked out of my house, already clinching a deal. -.-”

oh well, actually the only attractive part of the deal was the 2 weeks free preview of all channels. but trust me, nobody in the house has the time right now to really make full use of them. maybe granny has but HEY, i’m sure she totally has no idea how to operate that thing. you know why? because even i myself have to spend an hour to figure BUT STILL, haven’t got the hang of it. *laughs* not worth the time anyways because, believe it or not, i don’t really watch TV..

on a side note, let me proudly share my progress with cooking! heh, after a month of “training”, tsehwee is now not so afraid of oil splatters anymore! (although it still hurts and she still screams at it…..) oh, but one funny thing is the gold bracelet on my right wrist always heat up so fast that i scream even louder when it burns me. hahaha..

as for the OB assignment, i spent half a day planning, drafting, and editing it. finally, i see some progress! but well, only halfway there and i’m already OVER the word limit. still a lot to be done i guess.. gogogo!

i don’t know if i’m oversensitive but this feeling….. it’s weird.