the router decided to go on strike; unlike last time, it is like so damn hard to find a wireless for me to tap, which is why i am stucked at Macs right now. i guess neighbours nowadays have become pretty selfish. LOL, but well, can’t blame them because i myself, is one of them. *sigh* should have just stayed in school for the wireless if i knew this was going to happen….

anyways, a little advertisement here although i don’t think it’s going to be any useful. but yup.. SIM MovieNation, organised by the RMIT student council, is coming up! grab your tickets for the Journey to the Center of the Earth movie at only $5! visit the booth outside SIM canteen from 12.30pm – 2pm from 04 August onwards to register your seats. FYI, the movie will be screened at Lido next Wednesday, 13 August 2008, at 6.45pm. what an attractive deal right? heh, haven’t got mine though, hopefully can get it soon! ((: