happy 48th birthday Singapore and happy 2nd anniversary hsuanyee! it’s the first (and hopefully also the last) 9th of August that i’m spending alone without my beau but i guess dinner over the screen would still work out fine.. anyway, i started the “monthsary photos” in a box thingy last year and now we’re onto our 2nd box! can’t wait to fill up more boxes in years to come and look back on how much we might have changed over the years, month by month..

oh well, and it’s the first week of unemployment… haven’t really got the feeling set in since it’s like a short working week for everyone else anyway. still, i need to find out what i want to do next soon. yes i need a break but nah, i’m actually quite a workaholic who prefers to get some income rolling in than to sit home and cross my legs…

missing you already.