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PD: Staycation at Q

had always wanted to share the awesome Staycation experience at Quincy during our 2.5 years anniversary plus Vday celebration but never got my ass down to do it. so, as postdated as it might be, here’s the entry!

of a Groupon deal.

Back to reality

happy 25th monthsary!

back from a surprise birthday trip for baby in Perth. spent a good 13 days rotting around, basically doing nothing. it feels good somehow, to be able to unwind myself like that, with nothing (solid) to worry about. wished i could just stay there forever. it was pretty much a eat, sleep, watch movie trip, with the first two occupying most of my time.

back to job hunting now, that’s the most stressful part of my life now, like literally…

woes of an unemployed.

24 months


happy 48th birthday Singapore and happy 2nd anniversary hsuanyee! it’s the first (and hopefully also the last) 9th of August that i’m spending alone without my beau but i guess dinner over the screen would still work out fine.. anyway, i started the “monthsary photos” in a box thingy last year and now we’re onto our 2nd box! can’t wait to fill up more boxes in years to come and look back on how much we might have changed over the years, month by month..

oh well, and it’s the first week of unemployment… haven’t really got the feeling set in since it’s like a short working week for everyone else anyway. still, i need to find out what i want to do next soon. yes i need a break but nah, i’m actually quite a workaholic who prefers to get some income rolling in than to sit home and cross my legs…

missing you already.


3.5 exactly.

been back for a while now. with boyf around before i flew and him still around when i’m back made everything in Singapore seems unchanged. guess the worst that happened while i was away was the really bad haze attacking the air. thankfully it went away as soon as i came back. then again, there is going to be a change to my only constant for more than 3 years. really looking forward to a good one.

oh, and today is the 23rd monthsary with le boyf. was supposed to be a milestone day for us too but i guess we’re going to postpone that till a later date.. (:

24 more.



so, baby’s back in Singapore for awhile but I’ll be flying soon. still glad to see him and spend sometime over the weekends together although it kinda swayed my mind on the trip. then again, I shall leave the remaining time for him to study while I’m away and at the same time, hoping everything on his side turns out well. (:

one more day..

Pretty bali

weekend getaway.

back from a short 3D2N trip to Bali with boyf. the objective of our entire trip was to chill and relax thus, we didn’t bother to book any tour packages or participate in any water sports. i’d love to visit this beautiful place again, probably to go temple visiting or even try out water rafting and parasailing with a bigger group of friends.

for this trip..

A week back

out of town.

spent birthday with loverboy this year. no extravagant celebrations, just a simple day out. well, the whole week was like a birthday treat anyways. Christmas was boring though, given the fact that Perth was like a dead town. still, thankful for the chance to be there, seeing boyf after a good 4 months.

thank you love for everything. for being my chauffeur, my photographer, my sugar daddy, my atm machine, my trash bag, my man… oh, i also appreciate all the texts, facebook and twitter (though not a lot) birthday wishes from friends who remembered. warms my heart! (:



and officially.

finally the countdown is ending. cleared (most of) my work and i’m gonna put everything else undone aside. parents are finally home after a week and it’s my turn to fly tomorrow. i wonder if i’ll be afraid to take the plane alone because it wasn’t until Saturday night that i realised i AM actually afraid to be home alone. still can’t believe i cried myself to sleep that night. that aside, very much looking forward to finally spend some time with my beau after 4 months…



think happy thoughts.

since we’re like miles apart, the only thing i could do at the perfect 11.11.11 11:11 and 12.12.12 12:12 moments was to screenshot my home screen. well, i know it’s dumb to keep track of that cos every other minute and second is unique in it’s own way which yes, also occurs only once in a lifetime. still, you can’t deny they are a set of nice pretty numbers to see, right? anyway, this should be the last of the “perfect moments” since there wouldn’t be a 13.13.13. so here, just enjoy this “overrated” day while we can.. ❤

holiday mood…

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