Granny’s demise came so shortly after my little loss and it pains me so so much..

After all these months or even years of her frequent visits to the hospital, the slow signs of deterioration of her body, we all thought we were mentally prepared to see her go. But when the day regretfully came, we all wished we could hold on to her longer..

It feels like just yesterday when we were small and she was like the main caretaker of me and sissy while the folks are off to work. I’ll always remember her cooking our favourites, peeling the corn off the cob using her bare hands just so I could eat them easier. When the other couzs come over to play, like the 管家婆, she’d always chase us, the naughty grandchildren, around with a cane while we playfully tease her and hide under the bed where she can’t reach us.

As we matured over the years, she aged too. Beautifully yet slowly letting the old age take over her. Everyday, we’re just afraid and dread the call that daddy might make to inform us of her departure. However, I never thought the day would come that we’d be the one informing the rest of her demise instead.

Heartbreaking to have witnessed her last moment yet really thankful to have been by her side as she took her last breath. At least we could see that she’s finally at peace and free from all the sufferings..

These past few days have been really hard and yesterday was the worst. As much as we’ve been told not to let our tears fall onto her and say only good words to accompany her on her journey, it was just too hard to hold back those tears as we send her off.

Seeing how a life-sized human being turned into brittle bones and ashes just shows how fragile life is and how much we should treasure all our loved ones around us..

Granny had led a good and long life of 92 years, leaving behind 6 (+5) children, 14 (+7) grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. She was blessed with hundreds of relatives and friends paying their last respects over the past week and seeing her off on the cortege yesterday..

千千万万个不舍,但终究还是得放下。我们知道您已回到老母身旁、到了天堂,也终于可以跟爷爷相聚了。嬷嬤,您会留在我们的心里继续活着,我们永远爱您.. ❤️