ripe old age.

as granny’s grows older, the number of candles on her cake just seemed to get more and more, till the extent that when i asked, nobody knows how old she ACTUALLY is. *laughs* but yup, since she’s in the zodiac of rabbit, i did some calculations and realised she’s only 82 this year; 83 according to chinese calendar. i tried counting the number of candles on the cake in the pictures and it’s like 85! gosh, how ridiculous can that be? anyways, we celebrated her birthday pretty early this year, on the Saturday which just passed.

the celebration was held at 4th aunt’s place instead of our own because they wanted mahjong. oh well, saves us the trouble of cleaning up after that anyways. heh. had buffet dinner as usual, and i had two rounds of servings, plus two big slices of cake. nah, don’t remind me how many kilos i gained…

taking a shot with the cake to depict how big the cake is. HMM yes, bigger than my head as you can see. and i start to wonder how big and pretty my 21st birthday cake is going to be…. alright alright, it’s another year to go, i know. ):

here, presenting to you klein – the most noisy but cutest nephew. he’s really damn sweet lah. he learnt and sang the canto version of the birthday song for granny which most of us – my generation – cannot even sing properly. had it caught on video but i think it’s with mr kor so yup, probably will upload it another day. i swear i’m going to learn that song properly. it really does comes in handy okay.. and next, look at how much my two youngest nieces have grown up within a year, comparison with photos taken on granny’s birthday last year!

chloe; she’s grown quite a bit. klein’s the brother of this sweet princess.

zhi ling; i swear she’s damn dolly, totally resembles her mum!

the female cousins! group photo taking this time round was kinda slip shot. we only had our usual family photos and the sons & daughters shots. normally, we’d have different shots for sons-in-law & daughters-in-law, cousins, 2nd generation, 3rd generation and so on.. but i guess, with the family growing bigger, people get lazier too. OH WELL…

last but not least, my sweetest most beloved family. (:

had the annual xie en at TG this morning and as usual, my legs were almost not mine anymore. but i’m glad i survived the 8100. hahaha. spent some time with the guys at rivervale mall after that, chatting & gossiping, before love fetched me over to his place. seriously felt like having some good sleep because i’m really lacking of it!

headed to marina square after that to meet his friends for a movie. had a good long walk and i must say i do enjoy taking public transport with him. heh. but dear, i seriously don’t think your phone’s camera is as good as you claim it to be.. REALLY. am missing my omnia although i’m quite happy with using the nokia spare phone now; needa get it repaired soon.

the movie was bloody 3 hours long and my butt’s like hurting from the sit. but it’s still beats freezing inside the theatre without jackets!  i was literally shivering already. anyways, back to the point, i’d say the show’s quite good. like a couple of genres all combined together. pretty touching at some parts but i wouldn’t label it as a tear-jerker because it didn’t jerk any of mine..

on a side note, school’s starting already! although i’m missing classes, i’m kinda dreading going for one which is in like…. 13 hours’ time? sighs. and love’s going to be real busy soon thus i’m so going to keep myself busy as well. work, maybe? but i’d need to go call up my boss before he forgets my existence.. hahah.

bring it on.