start of something new.

new year’s eve was well spent. great dinner; great programs lined-up; great company; great location. in short, i had a great time. special thanks to love for the plans and all, especially agreeing to put my friends into his guest list. i know it was pretty tough for some time but everything still went well. (:

had dinner at novena square’s lingzhi first. he chose the set menu for two and it was a 7-course meal. well, i should say the kind of food served was very different from what i’d normally eat, probably the first time for both of us but still, i enjoyed the food. it was pretty good, except for the fruit juice which tasted really WEIRD. i suppose the bill was very “pretty” too because someone insisted on hiding it from me! ):

oh yes, one thing i’m super proud of: i finished the entire plate of salad which is like ALL VEGGIES! okay, maybe not everything on the plate but seriously, like.. 95% of it. so say, how can you not be proud of me? (:

picked the rest up and headed to sentosa for songs of the sea! first time catching the show and i think it’s pretty good.. hmm, not much for the skit part because i don’t really like skits but i totally hearts the water fountain, laser animations and mini fireworks, which we refer to as – appetizer.

a group photo before we left.

then we went over to peninsula excelsior hotel.

one of the few random shots in the toilet.

love and his friends booked a room at the top floor which had access to their sky lounge, which was also where we had the great full view of the fireworks! it was like the first time having this view and i admit i never knew the fireworks were let off from the sea! i swear the view was damn spectacular. am glad i was able to bring half the clique along and we were saying we shall do this hotel thing ourselves together next year. *grins* oh anyways, dancing partner took a full 7 minutes video of the fireworks from our view! but i don’t know why, somehow, the video can’t seem to finish loading although it’s already uploaded on facebook. ):

couple of activities going on in the room after that.

sent my two darlings home at about 4am since they hadn’t told their parents about a stayover. and guess what, i was the one behind the wheels! all the way from marina to bukit panjang. *proud* HAHA, just kidding lah. i was like damn scared and couldn’t help giving out loads of funny noises because i was really afraid. but i we didn’t have much of a choice since everyone was pretty high on alcohol and there was no way they could pass the breath alcohol test if we were to bump into any roadblocks. surprising right, i actually am the lowest in alcohol level! (:

all in all, thanks for everything love. (:

next, went to west mall today with the purpose of getting myself a replacement for the concealer i just finished using. was looking through my drawer and remembered i had a $100 face shop vouchers from the gang! so yup, decided i could try their products. but guess what, i ended up buying all of the above. my ears are just so light. i nodded to everything the salesgirl recommended; she’s really good i tell you..

the receipt; the transaction went like this…. firstly, i asked for a concealer. salesgirl showed me concealer for eyebags and bb cream for face. then, after some calculation, she said i was near to being a member and recommended me a facial scrub. she then continued with a facial mask which she says goes well with the scrub. then, she said i was $10 away to getting a goody bag so yup, added another pimple gel to my list. nearing the counter, she suggested i should get a sponge too because it helps when washing, and there i go: *nod nod*; “okay okay”, and paid for everything.. faints.

and that’s what i get in return. the membership cards and some body cream and lotion. okay, i really really REALLY am broke now, i need my pay! but then again, my december pay can’t even cover half for how much i spent recently. nvm, as gab always say, money earned is meant to pamper yourself! so yup, i guess pampering myself a little causes no harm.. right? i’ll earn them back, I WILL! (:

on a side note, i’m finally done with the entire series! i’m sure it has been a well-loved production to many, including me. however, i somehow feel like the ending’s not very complete. not what i was expecting. but then again, i don’t know what i’m expecting also. hahah. in any case, gotta catch up with so many other shows and hopefully i can finish before school starts. but arghh.. am so lazy to download those notes and print them again. opening the page only makes me want to close it. ):

went to see the doctor after that with mummy and he prescribed me this cream this time round. i wonder if it’s me but i find it pretty smelly. but doctor said it’s supposed to be quite effective so let’s see.. hopefully it works for my face because i’ve been spending too much!

a special date. (: