brand new.

oh well, just did a reflection of the year and i realised all 3 resolutions i made for 2008 were not done. which makes me think, resolutions for tse hwee are just like school rules; it’s there for the sake of being there but no one follows it. so yup, i shall not make any resolutions for 2009 because i know, if i set my heart on doing something, i probably don’t have to spell it out so clearly before i will follow them. spelling it out sometimes just defeats the purpose. (:

anyways, time to sum up this long year that’s finally over:

  • graduation from ngee ann polytechnic which finally makes me a diploma holder.
  • got a great temp job at nikon singapore where i learnt quite a lot of stuffs and earned myself a great camera which is one of my prized possessions now everytime we go out of phototherapy sessions.
  • enrolling into SIM-RMIT and joining the SIM-RMIT student council which brought me a lot more friends as well as loads of fun & laughter.
  • grandma leaving us to a better world. ):
  • having great birthday celebrations as usual, and being a step nearer to adulthood, leaving the title of “teenager” being history.
  • spending birthday and christmas in taiwan; experienced & learnt a lot on this learning trip and even get to attend the grand opening of our gigantic castle, as well as seeing president ma ying jiu live.

things i foresee coming and awaiting for me for the year 2009:

  • spend my free days from school and weekends working for an extra income.
  • many many MANY 21st brithday parties to attend.
  • planning and carrying out an unforgettable 21st birthday party for myself.
  • graduation from SIM-RMIT, making myself a degree holder at the end of the year.

2008 has been a blast and hopefully 2009 will be a greater year for me and everyone else that i love. enjoy this day because the date 31st december 2008 only occurs ONCE in your entire life. open your arms and give 2009 a warm welcome because it’s going to be a really great year.

goodbye old year 2008 and happy new year 2009! LOVES! (: