i’m starting to agree with daddy & mummy’s saying of me being overly calculative. in monetary terms, that is. seriously, there are so many things i can’t seem to stop worrying about..

i have been:

  • searching for part-time jobs, intending to work my ass off all the free days i have on my schedule when school commences,
  • surviving on chocolate diets and budget lunches for days since a week ago to save that little few dollars & fats,
  • sourcing forums, ebay and other sites for cheap deals on 2nd-hand textbooks for the four modules i’m going to take,
  • rejecting all movie dates, even for the titles i really do want to watch,

BUT i won’t deny i still splurged a little on clothes & shopping; it’s something i already am controlling, just not as much. hahaha..

i don’t see anything wrong with doing things the way i did, thus i can’t understand why daddy & mummy always get so fed-up and start exchanging the “there-your-daughter-goes-again” look everytime we come to the topic of earning & spending money. somehow, i just wanted to feel richer but i always end up finding myself poorer than ever. *sigh* thinking back, probably i really am overdoing it. HMMM..

anyways, congrats to dancing partner for getting the green light from the traffic police! (: