had my four pillars of destiny (a.k.a ‘ba zi’ or 八字) read yesterday. well, there’s nothing much to divulge about; i’ll tell you if i want to because i’m sure a couple of my friends already know quite a bit.

anyways, just like any other readings, there are goods & bads. and that is where i start practicing selective believing. of course, i’m not saying that i’ll ignore all the negative parts. taking it as a heed of advice or a way to improve myself, i’m sure i can add one more stroke to all the s and make them all +s.

don’t worry, my life is still good. and i’ll make sure it can only get better. in any case, nobody can know what will happen in the future; even if the predicted does come true, it’s all already fated, isn’t it? because everything happens for a reason, let them all happen for a good cause!

on another note, i kinda got busy at work towards the end of the day. with slightly more than a week more of service at the company, i suddenly had a dozen of to-dos added to my initially EMPTY list. well, i’m not whining because trust me, i really like having things to do. but now the trouble is: which and whose task should i complete first? should i go by first-come-first-serve basis or bitter-first-sweet-later manner? *laughs*