“It’s like stepping into quicksand, the more you struggle, the deeper and faster you sink, yet even if you cease moving, you’re neither saved nor safe.”

quoted from one of joanne peh’s blogs; i really like that sentence. what do you think? it totally makes sense, doesn’t it? but if given a choice, i’d still want to step into that quicksand. because that’s what makes love, LOVE. (:

had a mini drinking gathering session with a couple of swiss peeps last night. a good thing is, i didn’t encounter a hangover. probably this time round, i had adequate rest before leaving the place. anyways, i really enjoy people-watching after dawn. especially when people around you ain’t sober (and you are), there’re loads of hilarious happenings. but at times, it kinda makes you reflect on your own behaviour too..

but well, as much as i enjoy these nightlifes, there’s still one thing i really detest: the stench that works like a wonderful perfume. seriously, you wouldn’t like going home smelling like that. HMM, at least not for me. in any case, shall be back with more updates when i get the pictures. and with the line-up of events tmr, i reckon there will be a hell lot MORE pictures. till then, stay tuned! *laughs*