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officially mrs quek.

Still feeling overwhelmed with love from the wedding day (and night). Very blessed that everything fell into place so perfectly. Of cos, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our families and the best team of brothers and sisters whom we call the QUEKsmen and brideYEEsmaids. They really made sure hubby and I had nothing to worry about. We had just one final meet up to discuss on the details and they were all set to deliver! Glad to receive positive feedbacks too, from the decorations which were mostly DIY or bought from Taobao which I had OCD-ed over, to the vendors – live band & emcee, to the food which is seemingly better than the tasting. The planning process was tiring and I had always wanted it to be over but now that it is over, I wished I can enjoy it all over again.. Can’t wait to receive all the actual day photos and videos from Ideally Yours. ❤

Save the date

Kinda late to be asking people to Save The Date but here’s a snippet of the casual shoot we had at HTA 2 months back. We decided to head back to HTA for a simple re-enactment shoot cos we thought it would be meaningful since we met there. Many thanks to our VG Jaex from IdeallyYours for this, am looking forward to see our actual day video. 😉

Guo Da Li


Here’s a shoutout to Choz, our guo da li cakes provider! Although I didn’t get to try any of the cakes (since they say brides aren’t supposed to eat their own cakes), I’ve had many great feedbacks and raves about it! It was quite a tough decision to make when choosing from the list of many cakes but this shop was love at first sight cos of the cute cakes and they provided free printing of wedding cards which they also allowed for customisation. So yup, one more thing checked off the wedding list. 😉

Pok Gae


I’ve never really thought of how I’d want my Hen’s(or so they call “Pok Gae”) Night to be.. But I’m really thankful to have my dear girls plan out a whole day event. Had a day of non-stop guessing of places/activities. Enjoyed myself with the floral jamming although I totally sucked at arranging flowers. Surprised to see the guys at dinner time and the after-party. Honestly, I’m really glad to have them being part of it although no, they didn’t provide any stripping or dance moves.. I had a fair bit of drinks thanks to all of the Clique and I had a great night, love you girls (& guys). :*

Wisdom (half) gone

2 out of 4 gone.

I’ve to say I had a good dentist but the whole experience was still too traumatising to go through a 2nd time. I’ve always heard that the most painful part is the jab and you’ll feel nothing at all after that. Well yes, partly true because no doubt there was no pain, throughout the process, I felt as if my jaws were being ripped apart! The top left one was out within 5-10s which I was amazed but the bottom right tooth killed me. Shall not repeat it again but yes, I still have 2 hidden wisdom teeth hidden in the top right and bottom left so pls, just stay hidden forever. Super groggy now but many thanks to le fiance for being there to chauffeur me home. Time for some well-deserved rest.

RSVP site 

Created a wedding site using and it was so simple. Love how I can customise what I need and even upload an album, all for free. The only annoying part is their top bar which cannot be removed unless you pay. But other than that, it’s easy and people can RSVP using the site which makes collecting information so much easier! Any couples planning for their wedding can try it! (:

Hunt for JP

kiasu is the way to go.

Disclaimer: this post is a sharing of my experience but hope it acts as a guide with the JP’s contacts for brides-to-be in case you happen to drop by this page. I started off with only finding the bilingual ones but as the rejections get stronger, I went for everyone. Mostly from the Top 35/40 Lists you can easily google but also from words-of-mouth recommendations from graduated brides. All the best!!

Used to think that to register for marriage, you just need to have a couple plus two witnesses, head down to ROM and sign some papers. And of cos, if you’re doing your solemnization ceremony outside of ROM, just invite a licensed solemnizer to your venue and TADAH~ But yes, have heard so much about the hardest part being finding the licensed solemnizer.

The route to get a solemnizer.



because my one and only sister is finally married (like traditionally). well, legally, they’ve tied the knots since almost 2 years ago. but it’s different seeing daddy walking her down the aisle and seeing her in the pretty white gown and all. CONGRATS MY PRETTIEST JIE, 要幸福久久哦~ ❤


2nd bouquet.

HAPPY BABY BREATHS VALENTINE’S DAY! here’s to the last first and last valentine’s day with D as an engaged couple. since he’s unable to spend it with me, I can see he has filled the void with this pretty little delivery. my heart is full tonight. ❤

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