woke up damn early this morning. not like very VERY lah. but considered early because it is holidays and i slept at my usual 2am. reason? because my dear dancing partner and i sent dozens of resumes out the night before. but unlike her having like countless phone calls to go for interviews, i’ve only got one. and yes, the same one as hers. being only half-awake in a blurry mode, i actually got up to write some details on the white board which i find it quite out of point when i’m sober.

well, went for a couple of interviews forms-filling sessions with recruit express (the agency). quite dumb because the forms are all the same. but well, i suppose the jobs they are going to source for and offer us are different. anyways, being really picky, we rejected all the $6/hour jobs. LOL. now we’re keeping our fingers crossed because we believe there will be better offers.. come on, pray hard! (:

shared waffle with dancing partner as it’s gelare’s waffle day! yummy yummy. met up with sister to shop awhile and home sweet home. seriously, i’m like dead beat already… now it’s time for all my shows! heh.