so yea, saturday’s photography date was in school, or should we call it our former school? heh. and our mode of transport was provided by driver wu! not a lot of nice photographs though. reason being the weather was too humid & our laptops were really heavy.. oh well.

this picture is a reenactment of a photo we took at the same place, 2 years ago! sure there’s a little difference.. oh, a sad thing was the library closed at 1pm. we were still planning out the nice parts of the library we want to take.. *pouts*

driver wu, saves the day!

campus life..

the all-time-favourite desserts!

oh my favourite stall. (:

the japanese owner.

up the long long journey to LT45…


all tired out..

queuing up to tap cards.. heh.

xumige’s favourite LT. hahaha

water puddles.

probably the last time my laptop goes to ngee ann.

yellow box!

the empty canteen 4.

EDvance talk long time ago..

“what a stupid name for a canteen..”

queuing for nothing..

favourite stall!

when we need all of us inside.

down the stairs, away from the famous LT45.

“do not dash across the road”


family portrait.

our dear school; credits to wushuyi.

not as good as botanics.

trees in the pond.

the mini-garden.

bandung at the bar.

ice cream lovers.

upgrades that came too late..

dancing partners..

our famous canteen 1..

and us in our transport of the day! (: