say hello to my nephew! *laughs out loud* if you ever remembered him appearing on my blog, his name is guowei. well, i can’t exactly recall why sister named him that but i know it has been his name for as long as he was with us.

poor him has been left on the cold recently and it wasn’t until yesterday when mommy threatened to throw him away that HIS mum (sister) realised his existence. then she quickly put him into the wash for a bath in the pail his bathtub. then i said, “be careful ah, later when you take him out, he luk sek!” then we burst out laughing like kids. it was really LOL lah. but yea, my nephew is perfectly alright, no colour runs, only *bling bling* clean! (:

actually, isn’t he adorable? *smiles* sad for me though, i can’t remember what names i last gave my dolls. in fact, i don’t even have any that’s still sleeping with me right now..