oh right, haven’t been updating for quite long – ok, 3 days’ considered LONG enough for me. *laughs* have been trying to and am done reformatting my computer. well, somehow, many old things (like songs, videos and pictures) are back to their respective places so not much space is CLEARED to use actually. the only good thing is that i don’t get that irritating blue screen anymore. but yup, i’ve no microsoft and photoshop to use right now thus, the lack of pictures.

these few days have been pretty hectic. at work, there were tons to do; good and bad, i shall not elaborate.. today was a very long day out in the sun. beaching? i wish, but no.. first stop was haw par villa to fulfill mr tan yong beng’s childhood dreams. up next, got cheated into walking a couple of kilometers on a i-don’t-know-what bridge. got tanned a little, sweat a lot, and tired a million.

so so glad there’s a vesak day before the start of the working week again. shall try to get more things done because i can see my to-do list getting longer AND longer! on a random note, i’ve been kinda bimbotic lately. guess it’s time to refrain a little.. LOL