stayed back after class for awhile to watch the Super Soaker event organised by the RMIT student council. just wanted to catch a glimpse of the game and the participants but we waited quite some time (like an hour or so) before the war officially started. took our leaves after successfully predicting the winners for the first two matches though. not too sure what happened after that but i’m sure everyone there had fun.

by WE and OUR, i refer to ah wu and me! photo credits to keith but i kinda edited it because i had to. *laughs* so thankful i requested that he don’t upload the picture to facebook. but you can take a look at other photos he took here. oh yes, and that’s the 1st ever photo of ah wu’s CHOPPED hair! honoured, am i not? heh. thea chopped her hair too! oh man, makes me so tempted to do it too. but nah.. i’m not THAT brave.. *pouts*