hellos, i’m back! heh. seems like i’m still a little high from the drinks. damn tired right now but i can’t get to sleep anymore. already had a 4-hour replenishment after breakfast this morning. anyways, didn’t take much photos during the camp or rather, to be more specific, only a FEW. but i reckon a lot more photos will be up on facebook so yup, will post the links to my profile when they come. (:

my babe and me during dinner time. got forced to eat by somebody because he threatened to complain to my sister. hahaha.. but alright lah, thanks alot for the effort! but he was so damn stubborn that my stubbornness cannot outshine him and i HAD to give in. but i guess it was pretty much a give-and-take situation. (:

anyways, the games before this was super tiring. and i got kinda dirty. like flour on my legs and camo cream on my face. but well, many others looked the same. btw, i threw away the shirt after my shower. hahaha.. my group girls was duper high so i think our best cheer was just anyhow scream. *laughs* but sadly, we didn’t win anything because we lagged too far back. but not too bad because this time round (unlike previous, i heard), there’re no forfeits for losing teams. heh. alrights, it’s the team bonding and fun that counts lah..

got into the MnP department, which is also my first choice, with althea and rene. so yay, three of us are together! *grins* that was taken during some crazy moment i don’t know exactly what they were so happy about also. drinking games started around 4.30am when i was already pretty sleepy. my seats was damn good actually so, didn’t get to drink much.

it was only after that when i gulped down a few cups of damn gao drink weijie passed me that i went really tipsy. i wouldn’t say i was drunk but i’m like down because i was really really tired. yup, you know the alcoholic effect on top of the lack of sleep? hahah.. left pretty early in the morning with my babes and charles though. but i think they literally dug me out from the bed which i’ve no idea how long i occupied!

the big council family! seriously, call this efficiency! took the group photo like in the afternoon and everyone got the framed picture the same night. thanks RMITSC and SR department for the event! many loves. (: