dedicated to bernie choy ren jue.

regarding the above complaint… i realised he has been left out from the photos credit! *laughs* yes yes, many many thanks to him because he took MOST of the photographs at vinod’s birthday at wala wala. but i had to justify, because the camera was babe’s, and she was the one who uploaded all of them, i naturally credited her first. but no worries bernie, you’re not forgotten. really. hahaha.

for the photos, the goodwill rides home, the free food, the free drinks, and many other stuffs to come, THANK YOU! you’re such a great friend, i mean it. and don’t worry, you don’t have to pay me any fees for advertising on my blog; BUT i really wouldn’t mind having the itouch as a gift. HAHAHA.

i’d rather continue denying.