immuned again.

had logistics meeting in school on my lesson-free day again but we ended up going shopping at Art Friend and then helping the bazaar team do some factoryworkers tasks. had bash meeting after that in which i ended up spending the entire day in school despite plans to do my individual report. well, at least i can call it enjoyable and not like a dreadful one. (:

work was pretty good today and i’m proud to say i cooked a plate of spaghetti all by myself, without any supervision! *laughs* actually i think i’m the ONLY staff there that doesn’t know how to do it although i am like the most “senior” one there. oh well. it’s the 2nd time (only) that i served my dish out to customers and i’m glad that they finished it, even to the very last drop of gravy. HEH.

new favourite now; the crysanthemum kinda covered the yucky green tea taste and i like it! heh. anyways, gonna be away for initiation day till Sunday. i’m kinda looking forward to it maybe because i haven’t been to Ulu Pandan campus before. and yay, i’m going to see couz again tmr! (:

what do you say to a dead heart?