mental exhaustion.

haven’t been attending lectures for a week; haven’t had time to sort out the photos i’ve taken over more than a week; haven’t had the mood to really sit down and do my part for the group projects; haven’t gotten the logistics for bash all ready up; haven’t got an idea of my entire schedule this week. there’s so much i haven’t done, but the list just seems to keep piling even worse and it’s not clearing at all. guess it’s the result of previous procrastination and current screwed-up prioritization. this sucks totally.

the route to seeking the truth seems so dark. sometimes i ask myself why i always have to ask the questions which i already have an answer to. and nobody knows how much it hurts right inside me. i even think my smiles and laughter are getting a little fake these days. and while the whatifs are here to haunt again, idk who and what i can trust nowadays. i’m really….. so tired. ):
time’s not on my side.