back, for now.

i came to realise that blogging has slowly become an insignificant part of my life although i’ve become more attached and connected to the www. (so much so that i almost forgot how to add a new post). facing the computer and accessing the smartphones/tablets every moment everyday, it’s an irony that i don’t update this space anymore. i wonder if i just lost interest or that it’s the convenience of the social media that’s taking over it.

it’s not like my life ain’t blog-worthy anymore. i just see myself more active, elsewhere. somehow, i turned to Tumblr for my random sharing of quotes & re-blogging of pretty pictures. i log on to Twitter for almost every other thought that comes to my mind. i depend on Facebook to share the hundreds & thousands of photographs i take on my trips, gatherings, events and whatsnot other than staying in line with my friends’ lives. i rely on Instagram to post that very share-worthy picture of any moment. i use Pinterest to pin interesting and inspiring sites that i come across every now and then. all these, i kind of used to do it only on one avenue: MY BLOG. then again, it’s been quite a while since i tumblr-ed and pinterest-ed that much. i guess the former is a good thing since i usually post extreme sad thoughts over there when i feel Twitter and Facebook is too open. *laughs

sometimes i wished i could be less lazy and write a blog entry daily like a diary. not for anyone who comes across this to know what i’m doing with my life but more of myself to read back and laugh at myself when i grow old next time. (ok lah, in a way also to share with anyone who comes across this to know what i’m doing. LOL) i used to depend a lot on my blog to check what i did or where i went on a certain day in a year. it’s always interesting to re-read how i felt and what i wrote back then.

nowadays, although the social networking sites “record” every moment of my life, there are far too many updates that the “old records” are often overwritten. so yes, in a way, i lost track of parts of my life that i wouldn’t find back anymore. in this case, the blog archives are so much more reliable. you must be thinking, what’s passed is past, why bother keeping track at all, right? oh well, you never know when all these will come in handy! is it too dramatic to imagine yourself losing your memory one day?

in any case, i’m leading a pretty satisfactory life right now. visited Perth a few weeks back, enjoyed the weather and the company. went up to Genting for some good casino experience a few weeks back too. looking forward to more trips but at the same time, trying very hard to stop fantasizing about holidays. it’s just great to know i will have boyf’s company for the next few weeks before we go on our LDR (again) until next year..

just. grateful.