been trying on a clean eating diet lately on an attempt to rid tummy fats and I came across this recipe to make banana oatmeal cookies. only 2-3 ingredients are needed and it’ll only take you half an hour max to get it done so it’s totally a must-try! well, don’t expect some crispy cookies though. it really looked crispy when baked but it’s yummy enough in it’s chewy state!

1. 2-3 large ripe bananas
2. a cup of quick oats
3. dark chocolate chips (optional; can replace with walnuts or pecan, up to your own preference)

preheat oven to about 180ºC while you prep the “dough”. simply mash the bananas and add in the oats. mix well and fold in the 3rd ingredient which you can also do without. the banana is good enough to make the final product sweet tasty.

separate them into spoonful of sweet treats or preferred bite size onto the baking tray and bake it for 15 minutes. retrieve it from the oven after that and you’ve got yourself some yummy bites!

ps: it’s best taken warm so you might not want to bake too much for keeps. perfect solution to late night cravings! we had it at like 12am+ and it really made me full. lol