just happened to click into this link which I probably have long forgotten about. then I realised it’s been a while since I penned down any thoughts. I used to do it everyday on a separate blog during trainings. mostly on training updates but I guess I did include my daily thoughts every now and then too. well, that site is still pretty much classified though. and so are the thoughts.. doubt there’s anything even interesting for other people to read about anyway..

recently, I find myself lost in alot of things. can’t exactly say work has been taking a toll on me cos surprisingly, it hasn’t (at least for now). but more like my mind just can’t stop working. not like work WORK officially but like it kept bringing me to plans and all; schedules working around in my head, thinking when I can make another getaway happen, seeing when I can slot in a holiday, or how much money will be involved. sometimes even to the extent of trying to plan in my head for the future which isn’t even near.. 

then randomly, I look back on photos from the past, I start missing my long hair, I even miss having my short hair, I miss painting my nails, I miss dressing up to go out, I even miss going out with different bunch of friends, miss taking photos every now and then.. then I wished I could get back into shape like I was before but realised how lazy I am to even get my butt moving off my seat/bed… 

then, I find myself lost looking at other people’s life, sometimes finding myself admiring them or feeling envious. I know it’s not healthy but at times, I just can’t help myself from that. having talked to my girlfriends over the weekends though, I do agree that there’s actually nothing to be comparing myself with but sometimes, I’ll just do. well, I guess I’m just human after all. all that said, I AM pretty much happy with my life, as it is right now. but…. no harm trying to make it better still, right? 

and that’s quite a whole lot of random rant I’ll probably laugh about in future but I suppose it’s always good to have a post I can look back on, considering how quiet this space has been.. 😂