wedding preparations commenced almost immediately after we got engaged. but there was a whole list of things to do, many things to book and all. I think the bridal studio was one of those that we confirmed first and I think it all started with this Instagram post:

well, thinking back, I don’t know if it was a blessing or curse because we won this 200$ voucher, and we visited their booth during the BOWS (Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show) on 8th January 2016. that was the first booth we visited and we ended up sitting there for a couple of hours and we got sold. prior to visiting the booth, we checked out some of their works and decided we wanted to do our pre-wedding shoot in Hong Kong so that night, we emptied our pockets a little after signing.

as the months passed, to be honest, I kinda regret not checking out more studios before we made the commitment because firstly, we have yet to even see the gowns they have in their collection. secondly, it was really expensive. and thirdly, we haven’t even set a wedding date so WHY are we rushing into such a big sum of money? that being said, we already committed so yup, just gotta console ourselves it will be worth it.

so yup, less than a month into the engagement, we checked the BRIDAL STUDIO off our list. by the way, they had so many other promotions ongoing after that and till date. oh, and the 200$ voucher was NOTHING compared to how much we paid for their package. so right then, the only thing to look forward to was the shoot in Hong Kong cos anyway, we can have a good holiday there. which yea, we kinda did. shall share more in the pre-wedding shoot post.

anyway, at the same time, probably a week after the engagement, the search for banquet location also begun. started emailing a couple of hotels just before the new year as we had initially wanted 7/1/17 or 1/7/17 for our wedding date. to our surprise, even though it was still quite early in 2016, some of them where already booked for those dates!

I think we contacted quite a number of hotels and asked for their vegetarian menus to see what they have to offer. to be honest, I remembered it was a tough choice but this is the list of hotels we had emailed (because D didn’t want country clubs, I’d have went with OCC if you ask me):

  1. Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
  2. Marina Mandarin Hotel
  3. Pan Pacific Hotel
  4. Carlton Hotel
  5. Hilton Hotel
  6. Concorde Hotel
  7. Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel
  8. Intercontinental Hotel
  9. Sheraton Towers
  10. Amara Hotel
  11. Amara Sanctuary Sentosa
  12. Regent Hotel

I think we checked out a couple more for their packages during BOWS the same day we signed with MDW. collected tons of brochures and brought all of them home for reference. shall share more in the next post.. (: