from the long list of hotels we shortlisted and contacted, we ended up only visiting 3 of them and made our decision. first was Intercontinental Hotel before we went over the BOWS on 8/1/16, next was Regent Hotel the next day on 9/1/16. last was Sheraton Towers during their wedding workshop on 17/1/16. actually on the same day, Regent Hotel was having wedding show too and we had a hard time deciding which to go for. so we decided to go Sheraton first and if it doesn’t make us go WOW, we will head down to Regent and seal the deal. being decisive much? LOL

oh and of cos, prior to sealing the deal… we have to decide on a wedding date right? both of our parents were not the traditional ‘pandang’ types but giving them our due respects, we asked if they have any concerns about our wedding dates and they did not raise any. so, we were pretty much settled on 1/7/17 (一起一起)or 1/4/17(一世一起)cos my dear couz Shermian told me her wedding will be in Jan so we didn’t want to clash with her and take 7/1/17. but it wasn’t until like a few days before we were heading to the hotels that mummy suddenly say “of cos must calculate the 八字, how can don’t?” so we started panicking and searched high and low for a geomancer.

many people recommended Long Shifu (HP: 90675008) and lucky us managed to book an appointment with him on 14/1/16 despite his busy schedule. anyway, super amazed at his hugeass mansion! (inner thoughts: he must earn a lot from doing this) he was so popular that before us, there was another couple, and right after us, another couple was waiting. anyway, the appointment was short and sweet, finished in less than 30 minutes? he gave us a booklet on the auspicious dates for 3 years (2016 to 2018) but basically, whatever dates that don’t clash with our 八字 are auspicious dates. anyway, whatever he said might not seem applicable to many traditional ‘pandang’ people but since we chose him, we decided to stick to his advise.

sadly, neither 1/4/17 or 1/7/17 were inside the many many dates available and after much discussion, we decided to go with 3/6/17 since it’s a Saturday and it does not clash with either of our GIS’s tours. so we made our way to Sheraton Towers for their wedding workshop to take a look at that place.

we had a good discussion with our coordinator Weili and was actually about 90% confirmed we wanted to seal the deal but we needed some time to have some private talks so we took a while to have some refreshments while we discussed. probably about half an hour later, just when she was about to block out the date for us, she came back to tell us another couple had already blocked it for their considerations like 5 minutes earlier. (just when we thought we were really kiasu to be booking 18 months in advance…..) so we waited for them to either confirm and cancel, for about 20 more minutes, and we decided on our 2nd choice date a week later since it’s still 大吉 according to Long Shifu. so yup…

10 JUNE 2017 it is!

here’s us on the day we seal the deal (and emptied our pockets a little more for the deposit) with one of the signature mocktail called Sheraton Delights. be sure to try it on our wedding day during the reception! (:

by the way, other than the many themes available to choose during our big day, the thing I love most about Sheraton is their waterfall solemnization venue! above is a picture ripped off from google. obviously the photos won’t turn out so dreamy (or will it?) but it’s still quite perfect for a solemnization with a view! just hope it doesn’t rain on our big day…

and there, within a month of our engagement, bridal studio checked. wedding date set. venue booked. what’s next? 🤔