moving away from blogger, it was actually a tough choice between livejournal and wordpress. tried to do an evaluation between the three hosts, but guess final tie-breaker is the post password feature of wp. if only i can move it over to lj, i wouldn’t be in such dilemma already. cos afterall, the teaser/cut feature in wp isn’t that perfect compared to lj’s. and yes, because i so love my ever-customizable blogger and all, i’ve decided not to import the posts over although it can be done with just one click. instead, a link is created right at the side as The Past. that’s where you can still link to my friends because i don’t want to be adding links one by one again.

well, if you are wondering why i am not using eewhesteey as my subdomain, i’ll tell you in a bit but don’t laugh. hmm, after importing my whole lot of blogger entries over, i couldn’t find a way to delete them all at once. and being too lazy to delete them one by one, i deleted the blog. very dumb choice i know. but yea, it wasn’t irreversible. so, too bad.

anyways, all thanks to sis, i viwawa-ed till 2am+ this morning. could have continued but i decided against it because i think i’ll need my beauty sleep more. but on and off, i kind of didn’t fall asleep till until 6am or even 8am when dad and mom woke up. it must be caused by the excessive sleep i gained from my 1-6pm nap yesterday afternoon.

it’s pretty cute actually, you may want to check it out. (: