as the title suggests, we celebrated zhi zhong’s birthday yesterday. and yes, it was the actual day. had a few surprises for him which some wasn’t that original but still… it’s the thought that counts, right? spent the day at his house before we went over to boat quay for dinner & night program. i think it was already past midnight when i reached home..

arrived at his house with the cake. i seriously think gladys is damn good because she can remember the place when the last time we went there was christmas eve. there was supposed to be a video but i guess my phone screwed up because i can’t find it anywhere in the folders. oh well..

birthday boy.

group photo.

decided to let him know about the 2nd surprise we have for him – real present hidden under his pillow (fake present was a stupid cheapo duck pen & holder). but it wasn’t very fun because he found it in less than 2 minutes.. tsk. and we realised we forgot to take out the price tag. tsktsktsk.

in search.

found & changed into.

so we made our way to our dinner place. everyone was busy listening to mp3, playing psp, and challenging mario kart on nds throughout the journey.

on the train, credits to long-hands wu.

pretty destination.

good try.

settled at pasta fresca which we reserved because the birthday boy wanted seaside view. we don’t actually see seas but the river view was good enough.


sat till the skies turned dark.

i forgot how but we started the truth or dare truth game. digged out quite a lot of secrets which of course i won’t elaborate. haha. continued our game at TCC and it lasted pretty long when everyone gets more open. seriously, i like this game because you get to know more about your friends! but well, probably some things are best left unknown too. (:

spinning the tiny pack of sugar.

last shots before we left.

and that marks the end of ZZ’s 20th birthday!

happy birthday dude!