maybe i should take back my words. the lady called me yesterday and i’m chosen for the job! alright, not exactly chose lah, but maybe they just can’t find anybody else so they settled on me. LOL. so yup, today is my first day of work! anyways, being a road idiot plus considering the fact of packed trains, i left home super early.. and thus, i reached like 40 minutes early. -.-”

spent my first hour touring the company and being introduced to everyone. nothing to do for 1st day, only a pile of magazines & brochures, and a computer which i can only use MSN discreetly. seriously, it was quite tough to act busy with only those. i think i finished reading the two magazines and parts of the reader’s digest.

so i spent hours surfing, looking at all the cameras in the market, beautifully taken photographs, and tips on how to take them. it made me so so so tempted to buy a camera and start firing please! but well, i guess tomorrow will be the start of my stress. haha

they were damn efficient though. my access pass to enter the office is done, an email account is coming my way also by end of the week. and other than the thumbdrive my supervisor passed me, i even have the nikon windbreaker everybody in the office is wearing! i was only eyeing on it and didn’t think i, as a temp staff will have it. heh, saves me the trouble of bringing jacket to the winter place.

i forgot what else i wanted to blog about but yes, congrats to gladys for being a licensed driver now! (: