bought a new phone today. like finally, i’m downgrading! but it doesn’t matter because it’s an SE phone! heh. so now, before i sell away my HTC touch, i’ve three phones on hand! grins* but well, it also means a hole in my pocket alrights.

anyways, that was the windbreaker i was talking about! guess i’ll only bring it home in 3 months’ (or even longer) time. work today was pretty cool. because i don’t have to act busy.. so in the midst of doing my work, i could use MSN a little more openly..

to add on to my work collection, my supervisor gave me a notebook too. i already used up a few pages of it which shows how hardworking i was today. LOL maybe as time goes, i’d get a camera to play with too! winks* alright, time to type in my contacts one-by-one again! ciaos. (: