feeling hungry? you can draw your own food and eat! if not, get someone to draw for you. don’t worry because you won’t be the first person to do such funny thing. see below..

like.. so typical zz right? LOL

anyways. work today was quite lifeless. my supervisor wasn’t around for the first half of the day. basically i just did the data entry thing she gave to me (due end of next week). i finished half of it by lunch time and the rest by the end of the day. but well, i gave up a pile of the forms because it was so illegible. i think these people really need to practise their handwriting.. *shakes head*

left pile by lunchtime, right pile by end of day

have been braving the rain to go lunch these few days. without jacket, it’s really freezing! anyways, am quite lucky that fuji xerox tower is pretty tall. because i don’t actually know where i’m heading every now and then. so when i lose my way, i just look up and try to spot where i’m going! HAHA. but ok lah, i’ll get used to that place soon i hope.. (:

oh yes, lastly.. congrats to mingwei for being a licensed driver too!