come on everybody, say hello to my new love! seriously, i love my supervisor! i wonder if she remembers that i’m only a temp staff.. she won’t be around for 2 days which means i’ll only get to see her on tuesday. so meanwhile, i’ve got some tasks on hand. hope they’ll last me till then. heh.

and the pretty pen (shown below) is added to my work collection. haha. oh, and and and, i’ve got an email address too! ok, i’m just kinda amazed about this TEMP job i got. lol.

anyways, results will be out in like 13 hours’ time! let’s see if my LO loves me alright? time for dinner but before i pen off, you may want to click below if you are interested to know the condition of my HTC touch now. ciaos! (:

basically, i had it reset to the manufacturers settings – which means ALL my stuff are gone. couldn’t find a way to back up my smses so i did it the harsh way. now i guess there’s no way i can find them back anyway. hahaha

had it un-skinned too.

now it’s all packed back into the box and awaiting a buyer! not that i’m greedy for money or what. but some people really push the prices down so unreasonably can.. tsktsk..