perfect day spent out with my darlings. first stop was island creamery for ice cream, followed by botanic gardens. alright, maybe it wasn’t that perfect because it rained while we were meeting. but, the rain actually made the photo therapy session much better because there were pools of water on the ground in place for taking reflections. met up with the guys at novena for dinner after that to claim their loots from beng.

you’ll see a lot of pictures captioned as “flowers” because i seriously have no idea what flowers they are. and yes, mostly are taken by gladys. maybe if you spot some uglier ones, they are by me! heh. anyways, still in search for better photo albums to share photos. slide was too lag because there were too many pictures in it. so for the time being, shall just make do with the MyPhotoAlbum thing.

in conclusion, it was a nice day spent and i think we really should do this more often! i’m sure my darlings are nodding their heads in agreement now. (: