you guys should have seen the rain today! it was so heavy that people had to open their umbrellas inside the MRT station. yes, i meant INSIDE. that was how heavy the rain was.. haha. oh well, i haven’t stopped yawning since this morning. my sleep-at-10pm plan shall resume tonight. good day, everyone! (:

if there is a door leading to your life, would you rather keep it wide open for anyone & everyone or close it to prevent unnecessary movements? if a key is needed to unlock your heart, would you keep just one set for the right person to claim or duplicate a dozen sets to whoever needs it? i couldn’t come to a conclusion here because i realised i’ve been making the wrong decisions ever since forever.

and then again, have you come across a point in time when you feel so lost against the reality? no doubt it is part of life; it still very much troubles me. losing count of all the people walking in and out of my life, it gets tiring to even bother who is worth remembering or treasuring..

i’m sorry for the mess, i thought i was very sure but i’m starting to feel skeptical of my own feelings now. probably if this feeling is true, we will work out some day. i don’t want to be that selfish, it’d be so unfair to you