how about your favourite colours for breakfast? heh. and i finally found the cause to my recent tummyaches. nono, not that food above. heh. my relative came to visit me! LOL should have known better lah.

heh. nowadays, life’s so much better. got apollo justice to accompany me to work, and fion darling for lunch & home.. and the darling is also my letterbox, her place is where my spree items go! which i think is going to be so busy cos i addressed all my parcels to her house to avoid nagging from daddy. lols.

new love gone, newer love here. darlings, let’s go out again this weekend, shall we? anyways, i can foresee a busy day tmr. i scribbled 8 pages of minutes during the 3-hours meeting just now. seriously, i HOPE i can still figure out what i scribbled.

hmm, finally had my brows trimmed after work. i think coslab is still the best place after so many changes. and, i really need to do something to my ugly hair. sponsor me, anyone? LOL, enough of whining, i shall change my plan to sleep-at-11pm. because 10pm doesn’t seems to work at all. haha.