seriously, i’m so bloody pissed right now, i can kill.. shall not whine so openly out here. anyways. yesterday marks my 3rd week at nikon! and yes, i’ve always wanted to mention about the place being so different from those office situations shown in Just Follow Law. i mean, the day ends at 5.30pm but i’m always the first to leave at around 5.40pm? nobody seems to leave their seats until after 6 or 7pm. i wonder if it’s typical, or if it’s because it’s a japanese MNC..

here’s two more masterpieces copied from some ads online. heh. i wasn’t slacking; just waiting for tasks to be assigned to me. and it’s finally saturday! no long weekends but at least some opportunity to sleep late.. (:

and i’m damn pissed that everything’s just not going my way. i can’t upload my photos because the USB cable is nowhere to be found. now i’m wondering if i even have them taken out of the box in the first place. the card reader on my laptop and the memory card itself don’t seem to be on good terms either. to a certain extend, i do hope my laptop is the problem because then, i can pin my hopes on wu’s.

dinner with my girls at roma’s and i’ve a free meal thanks to ferlyna.. *smiles* couple of photos taken – which of course i can’t upload now. having a photography date again with them later on but i shall not reveal the venue! so yea, pray with me that the cable will appear like a miracle, alternatively, let the card respond on wu’s laptop.. if not, i can’t share them until God-dont-even-know-when..

i seriously feel like a b*tch. the feelings are so wrong, i’ve got to sort them out. i’m sorry..