The pharmacist arrives at work to find a frightened-looking man against the wall.
“What’s wrong with him?” the pharmacist asked his clerk.
“He wanted cough medicine but i couldn’t find any, so i gave him a laxative.”
“Laxatives won’t cure a cough,” yelled the owner.
“Sure they will. look at him. he’s afraid to cough.”

a very random joke i came across in RD. anyways, it really sucks to not have photos because there isn’t anything else interesting to look out for in this space. unfortunately, the memory card didn’t work on wu’s laptop either. hopefully i can get a USB cable from the company tmr and get the pictures loaded.

hmm. went chevrons’s aviary ktv last night with the extended gang. the place is so nice that it beats going to partyworld and kbox. but too bad, i can’t be a chevrons member. ): we sang from about 11pm till the last song at 2.50am. the drinks there are kinda cheap too but my choices were restricted because i had to drive. and i’ve been having this terrible headache since last night which i think i probably just need more rest.

oh yea, it’s monday again tmr and it’s hello to 4th week at nikon. university posting results should be out anytime soon and i’m keeping my fingers crossed. come to think of it, i’ve got no idea what to do if i’m rejected from NUS and NTU because i didn’t do anything called “back-up plans” & “applications elsewhere”..