right, the weekend is coming to an end in a blink of the eyes. i thought the week went on pretty fast although there wasn’t much to keep me occupied. well, daddy claims that i’m hooked to ace attorney which i definitely think otherwise. in fact, i just want to complete the game sooner so that i can stop facing that little pink device.

anyways, this is one of mommy’s specialty – little cup cheesecake. i volunteered to be her little helper last night so that i’ll deserve more of the leftovers. *grins*

i didn’t help much but the parts i did was important too alright! yes, one of them will be the base of the cake. what’s a cheesecake without the yummy cookie base at the bottom?

grinding them into powder.

and the spreading them across the mini-cups.

lastly, adding fruits after mommy added the cheese. (:

and today, i will get to enjoy our fruits of labour! sometimes i wonder if it’s a trend or something.. mommy always makes these cheesecakes but she doesn’t eat them. similarly, fion once told me that the owner of the famous muffin stall hates eating muffins too. how ironic huh. hahaha..