have been doing research for my work recently so didn’t have much “free-office-hours” to read already. because of that, the passion seems to have died down once again. but nopes, shall not let it happen and i’m going to finish up the books on hand as & when i’ve got the time. i saw this quote somewhere and i find it very true.

“Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.”
by Mason Cooley

this is a book about the author’s broken childhood and how she managed to walk out of the darkness. i think it’s pretty inspiring and it really makes your heart go out for her. if you like life stories, this is one book you should get. she was featured in one of the articles in the February 2008 issue of Reader’s Digest where they advertised her blog. and yup, that was where i came to know about her book..

right, it is Friday night once again and here i am, facing this rectangular flat screen, flickering my fingers, sharing my emotions. shall not whine about what i could be doing instead – like shopping, chilling out, watching a nice movie, dropping by DXO for some free drinks, or playing Wii at fion’s.. oh well, i listed the things i would preferred doing afterall. *laughs*

okay, it’s actually not too bad to be home resting anyways. maybe i can try bringing my blog stats for the day to look better again by blogging an entry.. wahahah.

chocolate egg tart; one of my favourite after-lunch dessert. fion bought it for me today and she scolded me a bitch!! *grumbles* anyways, there’re a lot of yummy food over at tanjong pagar and it makes lunch very very sinful. like, after a big plate of rice everyday, i never fail to buy another little something to fill my stomach with. another favourite purchase would be chocolate muffins! but mind you, the stall always have such LONG queues that we can’t even afford time to stand with the crowd. erm, maybe yes if we skip lunch? yes, that’s how long it is. ):

the other thing i can’t get off my head is, of course again, the university letters. yes, as you can see, i’m trying to have a back-up plan already. very troubled right now because it just seems like it’s all too late. i can’t help but think there’re actually no more vacancies and the application deadline is just extended for SIM to earn more money (from the innocent application fees). i wouldn’t mind if it’s like $10 (like the local Us), but no, it’s more than 5 times that amount for each course application! i just can’t decide if i should waste such money because i don’t see much chance to get a place at this point of time anyways. *sighs* advice anyone?

one last thing. sony ericsson is so hateful! they’re so hateful for not coming out with the black K770i earlier! can i trade my brown one for the black? i really like it so much more…… *pouts*