stocking up the masks in my cupboard from online sprees. i guess this should be enough to last me for at least a month or two. haha. had a couple more loots from Cotton On sale with ah wu at Lot 1 after class today! but i wonder if i should be happy or sad because i’m spending without an income now..

oh yes, talking about school.. DC lecture today was hell. the RMIT lecturer seems to be singing a lullaby with his cartoon-news-reporter-ly voice. and with the speed of his speech and his mumbling-to-himself jokes, i couldn’t help dozing off like every 5 minutes or so. was whining to daddy how much i hate school just now and i gained a knock on my head. *pouts*

anyways, about half of the OG (including me, of course) went for a ktv session after BB class yesterday. there were around 13 of us so the pathetic 4 hours wasn’t really enough to enjoy. the service was bad wasn’t very good and it was kinda pricey. but well, it’s an occasional spending so.. not too bad. (:

initially planned to go partyworld but we ended up heading to kbox at Marina Square thinking it’d be more worth our monies. oh well, let’s compensate the losses with the additional drinks and an hour more of enjoyment, shall we?

a couple of photos taken in the room, credits to sylvia’s camera. the guys were, most of the time, playing their five-tens and drinking to their hearts’ content. but before they even got the drinks, this funny guy who served our room actually asked to check their ICs! such a silly request from him because i think our laughters (at him) kinda made him duper embarassed. hahah..

a very crude mannequin we came across on our way to dinner. i swear the finger was not “arranged” by us but yup, we were the ones who raised the hand up. *giggles* i doubt the shop owner knows what we were laughing about outside her shop and even taking a photo with zhiwen in it. but well, i’m pretty sure though, that she will, by the end of the day because we left him in THAT position. hahaha..

took a group photo before we headed off to esplanade for some chilling session. went to the rooftop and found a comfy area for us to gather in a circle. but it was not long before we got “chased” away by a disgusting cockroach which mystically appeared right on top of charles’s cheek. it was really OMG but i shall not reveal who were first few to run away from that undesired area.. HAHA.

anyways! after saying this for God-knows-how-many-zillion-times, it’s really time to get started on my assignments. not tonight of course, but hopefully tomorrow and over the weekends. keeping my fingers crossed though. somehow, it seems like there’re many other things for me to be fretting over as well. i need more time to sleep, less time for headaches..