have you, at some point of time, just feel like giving up totally? i’ve probably asked this question and feel this way too many times already. well, i almost broke down into tears again today, but the voice inside me encouraged me to hang on. call me incapable or simply lousy; i just can’t handle things or people i cannot control. that, you can also say, is my greatest fear in life.

the kids are adorable, and i love them. but at times (most of the times actually), they seem to go against me so much that i can’t take it. i try so hard but still, have absolutely no clues on what to do. then, i can only throw the job to my babes when they arrive which makes me feel like a complete irresponsible idiot. *sigh* so many times i want to just wash my hands off everything; yet as many times, i find myself walking back into the same old circle.

oh well… on a happier note, i’m quite done with the hateful OB essay! *grins* need to squeeze more brain juice to decide on which words to cut away though. at the same time, am contemplating if i should ask the lecturer to look through my essay tomorrow because i really DON’T feel like thinking of ways to improve it anymore, even if i HAVE to. haha..