school and council room have been like our 2nd home lately. been going down to help out with the bash publicity stuffs. wasn’t very willing to do it initially but after long, we actually found joy in completing them. hahaha. and that’s also when we bond with the fellow MnPians. (: so yup, stayed to help after the meeting yesterday evening..

bernie getting stucked inside those masterpieces. LOL

working hard on a new piece.

went for dipper (dinner + supper) after that last night. because it was already pretty late by then, didn’t actually want to go. but still, decided to join them after some persuasion. imagine the long queue for taxis at 10pm? it was totally crazy.. anyhow, cabbed to bernie’s place and he drove us to jalan kayu to settle their cravings.. reached home after midnight and i suddenly missed my family members who’re already sound asleep. LOL

due to all these late hangouts though, have been late for lectures these two days. trust me, walking into the lecture hall like 40 minutes after lecture started ain’t a good experience at all! i seriously wonder how some people can just walk in after an hour or more like nothing happened. but well, i just wish i don’t have to be late again, at least not when i’m alone. hahaha..

anyways, the DC lecturer warned us (class B students) today about crashing the morning class because of the lack of lecture materials. i just think she could do us all good by providing more. but apparently, i don’t think she will. sigh, i guess we just have to stick to our hateful timetable for DC class. ):

back to the council room today again after class ended. babe and i decided we should go help out since we’ve nothing much to do. then we decided to stay and finish the stuffs while teddy, bernie and V went for their movie because the timing kinda clashed anyways. so yup, we finished up the remaining letters! but.. that’s not all!

we rearranged the big bulky alphabets into one corner after that, packed up some messy stuffs and cleaned up the whole room since much of the rubbish were created by our department during alphabets-building. thats the bag of rubbish we cleared away and trust me, the council room is so so so so SO NEAT, clean and spacious now! *laughs out loud* okay, i’m just pretty proud of us.

before leaving for home; after hours of hard work, we still look presentable! all smiles plus some sense of satisfaction (although the letters are not PERFECTLY wrapped). at least, we tried lah, hor? heh, gotta take some time to link up the SC people, like what kaixin did. oh BTW, do take a look at the advertisement on my front page if you haven’t seen it! (: