i guess too much idle time causes emoness. but thanks for the concern, people! don’t worry about me, the lack of updates were not due to emoness. i’ve just been busy these two days and lost touch with my laptop. (:

movie with wushuyi on wednesday afternoon while waiting for xumige to finish her work. had a great laugh although this movie ain’t THAT awesome. but it’s pretty funny, quite worth catching actually. *laughs* walked around town trying to shop for something but apparently, went back empty-handed. sliced the ATM card to feed the wallet some vitamin M but all’s gone on the same night. want to know why? hahaha..

on the bus; finally met up with the lookalikes! wanted babe to join us too but she rejected my offer because of her cough. good in a way, get more rest! (:

another FINALLY, dinner at roma’s! hahaha.. i know i’ve been pestering my darlings for quite some time. anyways, so long since i last saw boss. the place didn’t change much but the menu did, a little. much prettier and neater now..

mushroom soup still as yummy (but not very warm that night). food tasted pretty much the same, with EXTRA ingredients for me as usual. heh. now you know why i always get so bloated after a meal there? *winks*

bumped into ken on the roads before dinner and randomly arranged to go clarke quay after that. with my darlings of course, and his friend (whom i forgot the name already, sorry~). went clinic first since we’ve never been there. hahaha. kinda disliked the wheelchair seats which made us feel so far away from one another so we moved to the more cosy sofa..

new try #1, treat from ken.


new try #2: tsehwee on the drip. *laughs*

plus our martinis. *slurps* didn’t have enough of a drink and it was pretty early then. initially wanted to go into arena but ken was in berms, wushuyi in slippers. didn’t bother to try so we decided to go to some random pubs at boat quay to continue drinking and some karaoke at the same time..

on the way..

red & white; Singapore lightups?

some beer for you?

continuation of 5-10s at Jab1.

see how guys cannot multi-task? can’t pose and sing at the same time.

regarding the previous point i made, i would pose if i knew they were snapping. heh.

a twisted background.

guys version of self-shots are just not as good, agree?

last but not least, a group shot! thanks darlings for always letting me be the first to alight from the cab. pretty good chillout session in the midst of busy August. but thinking back, it was ladies night! should have just gone somewhere for free drinks eh? hahahah..