settled down in school for DC project after lecture. this time, the lecturer decided to send someone to get more notes when we ran out of them. seems like she’s starting to accept the fact that class B students can’t stop crashing the morning class.. *smiles* anyways, the above is a treat from rene to us for allowing her some time off to have lunch with her precious boyf! so sweet of her eh? ((:

but erm, not very nice to have the stickers all over my head though. hahaha.. oh well, been having giddy spells since i woke up this morning. the world just seems so shaky somehow. it’s probably due to the lack of sleep. HMMM. on a sidenote, we’re finally having some progress in DC project!

regarding BASH, i managed to sell 9 tickets! (if only there was commission) haha, thanks people for the support anyways! for everyone else who’s going down for the party or would be heading down to zouk no matter how late tmr, SEE YA THERE! let me just have two last days of fun over the weekends and i’ll be back on form for projects and studies, i promise. *keeps fingers crossed*

PS: i actually HONESTLY told daddy (for the first time) that i’m going to party at zouk tmr. i’m quite amazed that he didn’t object but just hope he doesn’t probe any further about it later or tmr. *laughs*